Matthew Harris (Maff) is an artist, designer and maker based in Newport, South Wales.  He studied at the University of Wales, Newport, completing both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Fine Art, Contemporary Media. Since graduating in 2007, he has worked at Newport School of Art, Media & Design, Cardiff School of Art & Design and currently works at the Welsh School of Architecture in a technical capacity.

In 2015 Matthew set up Hosshaus Design as a more commercial outlet for his ever-growing passion of designing and making. He runs this loosely around his full-time job.



The main focus of Matthew's fine art practice centers on the urban landscape. He is fascinated by its dynamic ability to affect our mental state through colour and
composition. Although he can trace the emergence of it as a subject in his work, pre-2001, it wasn't until studying as an undergraduate that his ideas about the urban landscape started to formulate. Stemming from W. Clement Stone’s "You are a product of your environment", he is interested in breaking down the urban landscape and explore it; not only as a place to dwell but as an entity that is able to influence us, as much as we influence it.

Vision is our principal senses and without it we would not be able to fully appreciate the marvels we have constructed.


Matthew’s work encompasses a variety of mediums and he is just as passionate about working in video as he is in painting and 3D.


From an early age Matthew was exposed to making by his mother who was an avid maker. His interest has increased over the years, as has his skills set. He is interested in a variety of materials and enjoys exploring both digital and traditional making processes. When either designing for himself, or for others (2d or 3d), it’s the process that Matthew enjoys most. 


He has developed a range of products from leather micro wallets to multi-functional garden benches, he isn’t interested in big production runs, preferring to make on demand or in small runs.


Get in touch with any questions, queries or commissions.